Snow dusts the top of the great mountain and the wind howls something fierce. Air whistles and screams through the chimney as the gusts blow sheets of rain. Waves of water move sideways in the grey world outside. Grateful to spend this dreary Saturday morning in my pajamas, sheltered behind these thick panes of glass, I thought I’d share some recent snapshots from around Reykjavik.


Blue Lagoon

With cold air on my neck and a drizzle of rain on my cheeks, I spent the end of September tooling around Reykjavik with a visitor, a dear old friend. One of our first outings, of course, was to the famed Blue Lagoon where we soaked in the hot, steamy water . Bliss.

In town we climbed to the top of the highest church, drank too much delicious coffee, and admired eccentric Iceland.

From atop the church


Mokka Coffee House

knitted trees

Then we headed to the southwest, past the famous Eyjafjallajokul volcano (a name I can finally pronounce!) On the black sand beach of Vik we climbed among the basalt columns and snuck into a gloomy cave while the fierce waves crashed at our feet.

basalt columns at vik

my favorite cave

Turning inland, we drove to our first glacier. As we hiked onto the icy surface, we laughed as we slipped every which way. What kind of a crazy place was this? A glacier!


glacier up close

On our return to Reykjavik, we stopped at two waterfalls. Hiking behind the second fall, we were drenched from the mist and charmed by the ancient turf homes beside it.

behind the falls

Oh Iceland, you are charming in autumn.

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4 Responses to AUTUMN IN ICELAND

  1. Becky says:

    I have been meaning to comment on this for ages. This is just incredibly beautiful. Thanks for posting. It was a nice thing to add to my day.

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  3. 3rd Culture Children says:

    Beautiful, beautiful images, Erica – thanks for sharing!
    Greetings from (currently!) Brazil, from

  4. bfiles says:

    just discovered your blog…the photos are incredible, will enjoy learning about Iceland!

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