A guest blog by my daughter, R, age 6 1/2

I was with my mom and we walked to the ducks and we found lots of interesting things. And in this story, you’ll find lots of them. And if you finish the whole story you’ll learn a lot about Iceland and here’s the beginning of the story:

Once we went on a walk to the ducks and we found a big blob of ice like a puddle. But, the puddle wasn’t melted under the ice, so me and my mom jumped on it and it started breaking. When it broke, it looked like a big blob like at the Geyser before it shoots up.

When we walked to the ducks it was really cold out and the path was slippery. We found another little cute path. It was a shortish-longish cut. We went on that path because it was sunny.

Then we finally got to the ducks.

The ducks were all quacking and some people had a lot of bread so thousands of ducks went to them. I had a cute little pile of ducks and geese to feed. They really liked me they were getting out of the water so I said, “shoo, get in the water otherwise no bread.”

So then we walked back.

Then, we got to this little area where there are signs that said it used to be a big stadium, sort of a little cute place, a little circle with a bench and it was cute. I liked it.

There was also a bridge and we went over the bridge to get back. And when we got back the boys weren’t home so we drove to go get them but didn’t find them. We finally found them and they didn’t want a ride. They rode their bikes the rest of the way home. They brought us treats from the bakery though.

The End.

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4 Responses to ICELAND’S MOST POPULAR THINGS: Going to Feed Ducks

  1. Hey, R – Awesome Post! I remember that duck-feeding place!

  2. Cathe Jacobs says:

    Sorry we missed you this morning. I could read this story by R all day long. Love you,

  3. ehpem says:

    Very nicely written. I am glad that the ducks did not get all the bakery treats and there was enough for you to have one too.

  4. Katie says:

    Dear R,
    I liked your story about Iceland and the ducks. I am on vacation in Paris and I also fed the ducks near my hotel. I bought Stitch at Disneyland. I miss you!

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