Ylströndin Nauthólsvík (photo from their website)

Ylströndin Nauthólsvík (photo from their website)

We move to the US in under six weeks. As much as I’m in denial, a quick glance at my calendar and the heart palpitations begin. Not only because there’s so much sorting and packing and (insert curse word here) that has to happen before we board a plane, but also because there’s still so much I want to do.  So I started my bucket list. Here’s hoping I can do it all. 

  1. Ride a hestar

That’s an Icelandic horse. What? I know, it’s crazy I haven’t done this yet. I know many folk travel to Iceland to do this thing specifically. I sent my then 6-yr-old to two whole weeks of horse camp last summer and she’s going again this summer. She can trot, tolt, gallop, ride bareback. Somehow I haven’t managed to get on a horse yet. I just need to set aside some time and make it happen.

2. Run along the bike path from our house to Ylströnd, the geothermal beach, and then sit in the hot pot by the sea

3. Take a day trip to Landmannalaugar or Þórsmörk

Again, many come to Iceland just to see these amazing spots in the interior. Most make the journey into a major hiking and camping trip, staying in the huts in the mountains. You have to ford rivers and need really enormous specialized vehicles to get to these places. I’m not going to be able to hike/camp this, but there are one-day tours to these spots. I best find a day to get there before we leave Iceland without my having seen these monumental sites.

4. Finally see the West Fjords

We just make it up there last summer. For all but two months of the year most the roads from Reykjavik to the West Fjords are impassible. But we’ve got a trip planned. Maybe we’ll even see some puffins again. This. Will. Happen. That reminds me, we better book a room.

5. Wear my super Icelandic KronKron or Ella frock, a piece or two of bright Icelandic jewelry, maybe my fur vest, and spend all night out with the girls. Got to see the sun rise, which is happening at about 3 am these days. Staying out till 3am or longer is not something I think I’ll be doing in the US. It feels so Euro and indulgent and my inner party girl loves this kind of rage.

6. A nice long and delicious dinner out with E & E to talk about life changes and have my Iceland girls help me talk through all my crazy “I can’t believe I’m moving, now what?” sorta thoughts. Blog post on that to come soon.

7. A few more 6-miler + runs on the paths along the fjords (see #2)

8. And, of course, the big open-house party with all our friends and kids to say thank you and farewell to this amazing country that really feels now like my home.

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Writer/Editor living in Reykjavik, Iceland
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  1. alex says:

    All those things sound amazing. If I were in Iceland I think they’d have to tear me away! 🙂 Hopefully your pack out doesn’t interfere too much with all this…

  2. Andy says:

    Iceland is a really beautiful place. One of my biggest regrets is not getting to see the country side. If I can make it back there one day, that will definitely be on the top of my list.

  3. Definitely go to Þórsmörk!!!

  4. Sandy Colaccino says:

    Thanks to visiting you last year, I have a new found love of Iceland. I know I will visit again. But we are excited to have the Green family back in DC! See you at the new diggs in DC.

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