a late-night scene from downtown Isafjordur

a late-night scene from downtown Isafjordur

Spotted at midnight in and around Reykjavik this week (under the blaringly bright sky):

*an 80-year-old woman out walking her dog

*a couple climbing on the cliffs beside the fjord

*a man in full biking gear—spandex body suit, neon vest, racing helmet, etc.—speeding by on the bike path in the midst of a major workout

*a woman in heels and dark red lipstick leaning against the wall of a nightclub pleading with the bouncer to let her brother into the bar.

*a dozen men from a bachelor party stumbling across the street between bars

*a bureaucrat in a full suit sipping on a half-pint of Guinness as he meanders down the main street

*a baby sitting up in his pram as he’s pushed by his pregnant mother through the downtown

*a couple with a cart full of groceries doing their weekly shopping

In this land where we always have daytime, rhythms shift, routines change, and the moment of stillness—the quiet respite so usually associated with night—completely disappears.

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  1. Dina says:

    Insane! What a great moment to capture!

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