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I couldn’t figure out why everyone was talking to me. Complete strangers wanted to discuss a potential afternoon cold spell, my shoes, the menu. During a long walk along the shore I could barely complete a sentence because I was … Continue reading

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There are a few choice days in Iceland when the sun appears, clouds dissipate, and this rock in the Atlantic transforms into paradise. This summer, we had so many of these clear, sunny days that folks around here started actually … Continue reading

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Reykjavik Top 5

The Foreign Service is full of bloggers, both spouses like me and employees of the Department of State, that chronicle our crazy, nomadic life. The FS bloggers do a regular round-up of posts and, while I’ve participated, I almost never … Continue reading

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Somewhere there is a wrinkle. A sheet flips in a breeze. A hand brushes through the air. And with that, it is as if nothing has skipped or moved. Nothing jumped or caught. As if, in a linear manner, life … Continue reading

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ICEBERGS! REINDEER & GLACIERS! OH MY! Adventures in South East Iceland

Tonight the sun sets at 9:24pm. Tomorrow we get seven more minutes of daylight. After our ridiculously long dark winter, a shift to stretched out bright days means that everything has changed. Not only have the low grey clouds lifted … Continue reading

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Our house is whistling. It sounds like the wind will yank it up from the foundation and pitch it across the fjord. Someone told me that today the winds reached sixty miles an hour. After our very long winter, I … Continue reading

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WOOL, COTTON, and CASHMERE: Dabbling in Icelandic Fashion

Spotted on the streets of Reykjavik: *a tall blonde in a long black cape *a leggy lady in leather pants *a teen in hot pink tights with a short red, green, & blue striped dress *a mother in a black … Continue reading

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My days are dark. In Reykjavik, the world’s northernmost capital, we move from one black space to another. Snow falls, hail is intermittent, wind howls, clouds part and soar, sometimes there is rain, and always there is the absence of light. … Continue reading

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I bounce: between countries, between days, between states of mind. Write. Travel. Parent. Host. Play. Edit. I don’t know stasis, nor routine. My steady state is lost. There is only movement, change, bounce. If I was a techie, I’d create … Continue reading

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Snow dusts the top of the great mountain and the wind howls something fierce. Air whistles and screams through the chimney as the gusts blow sheets of rain. Waves of water move sideways in the grey world outside. Grateful to … Continue reading

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