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Today I’m suspended in gray. Ash mostly, a bit of slate, a sprinkling of charcoal. Other days there’s mercury and fog or if I’m lucky silver and gunmetal. Rarely do I glimpse other hues. Cursing under my breath, frustrated with … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice in Iceland

We live in the darkness, sharing our blackened world with troll-like creatures that sneak into our homes. At night, these trolls lick our pots, steal our sausages, slurp our Skyr and leave small gifts for the children. In the waking … Continue reading

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ICELAND AIRWAVES: Soul, Funk, Folk, & Gale Force Winds

Waves crashed over the seawall littering the roads with seaweed and stones, rooftops blew off homes forcing the main street to close, and hundreds of bands arrived into Reykjavik ready to rock it.  Despite gale force winds blowing straight from … Continue reading

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A guest blog by my daughter, R, age 6 1/2 I was with my mom and we walked to the ducks and we found lots of interesting things. And in this story, you’ll find lots of them. And if you … Continue reading

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WOOL, COTTON, and CASHMERE: Dabbling in Icelandic Fashion

Spotted on the streets of Reykjavik: *a tall blonde in a long black cape *a leggy lady in leather pants *a teen in hot pink tights with a short red, green, & blue striped dress *a mother in a black … Continue reading

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Sometimes the best thing about winter in Iceland. . . is to escape. The screaming wind, the too-dark days, the waist-high snow drifts, we had to flee – all the way to Southern California, to my city of angels. And … Continue reading

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Lots of coffee and time with the happy light needed today–it’s back to howling wind and blizzard-like conditions after yesterday’s beautiful sun.

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First was the smell of the sea and the snow then a sighting of swans on my midday walk in the land of perpetual twilight.

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TROLLS, BONFIRES & PUTREFIED SKATE—Surviving the Holidays in Iceland

I spent December talking about trolls: the one with the big nose that sniffs doorways, the peeping tom troll, the one with an unusually long tongue that licks empty bowls, or the sly one that steals Skyr (yogurt). Staying in … Continue reading

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My days are dark. In Reykjavik, the world’s northernmost capital, we move from one black space to another. Snow falls, hail is intermittent, wind howls, clouds part and soar, sometimes there is rain, and always there is the absence of light. … Continue reading

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