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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: How Iceland Writers Retreat Began

The way I remember it, I stood leaning against a cocktail table at the US Ambassador’s residence in Reykjavik. I’d come for a reception in honor of something creative. I can’t remember what it was for anymore, but I do … Continue reading

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“What should I do when I visit Iceland?” I could babble on and on about this topic for hours. So before my memory starts to fade, I thought I better jot down all of my top 10 places to visit, … Continue reading

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Spotted at midnight in and around Reykjavik this week (under the blaringly bright sky): *an 80-year-old woman out walking her dog *a couple climbing on the cliffs beside the fjord *a man in full biking gear—spandex body suit, neon vest, … Continue reading

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I stood in the pantry and stared at the overcrowded shelves. Spilling with the detritus of the last two years, my eyes moved over the shelf that’s sort-of designated for wrapping paper and the one that’s sort-of designated for holiday … Continue reading

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  Growing up in a small beach community in southern California, my mornings smelled like fog and tasted of sea salt. The ocean, while not visible from my house, was only a handful of blocks away. At ten, we’d ride … Continue reading

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Saturday morning I grabbed my most-fashionable friend and headed for downtown Reykjavik. While sipping a latté in Mál og Menning, I flipped through the DesignMarch and Reykjavik Fashion Festival catalogs, tracing my finger over the outline of the map with … Continue reading

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In the middle of a conference call Wednesday morning, I remarked aloud that a storm had blown in and the wind grown incredibly fierce. A few minutes later, the line went dead. The Internet stopped working. Even my cell phone … Continue reading

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On Sunday, snow blew sideways across the garden. Wind raced in from the north, then from the east. Overnight, a thick layer of ice covered the ground, so by mid-day, when the blizzard hit, heavy patches of white quickly piled … Continue reading

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Today I’m suspended in gray. Ash mostly, a bit of slate, a sprinkling of charcoal. Other days there’s mercury and fog or if I’m lucky silver and gunmetal. Rarely do I glimpse other hues. Cursing under my breath, frustrated with … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice in Iceland

We live in the darkness, sharing our blackened world with troll-like creatures that sneak into our homes. At night, these trolls lick our pots, steal our sausages, slurp our Skyr and leave small gifts for the children. In the waking … Continue reading

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