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When I was a little girl we took a lot of family vacations. My parents were both teachers and they love to travel, so we took full advantage of our summers. Mostly, a family vacation meant piling in the car … Continue reading

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In high school we used to sneak off campus and drive over to Rae’s, a 1950s-style diner, to drink tall iced coffees and smoke cigarettes. Some nights, we’d head east and saunter into Canter’s Deli. In bright red lipstick, vintage … Continue reading

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  Oh, Iceland—you are stunning of late. With your crisp air, pink skies, frozen lakes, and that marvelous light dusting of snow on the mountain, I can’t help but think you beautiful. So much so, that I can almost forgive … Continue reading

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In Reykjavik, hidden behind brightly painted doorways and tucked behind tall tin homes, a carefully curated world thrives. This is a city where design takes precedence, where everyday life is alive with decorative details. On Wednesday, I turned off of … Continue reading

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Sunday morn we woke early to meet our friends at Litla Kaffistofan (the little coffee house) on the road out of town. After a few cups of coffee, we headed over the pass, and it started to rain something fierce. … Continue reading

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BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP: Lambing Season in Iceland

We entered the barn to the sound of hundreds of bleats. Small voices, loud moans, baa, bleat, baa, baa. Sheep were everywhere. Ewes with massive, swollen bellies. Tiny, newborn lambs. White. Black. Spotted. “Can you grab me a rope?” The … Continue reading

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When I was a girl, I slept with the whales—above my pillow hung an oversize photographic poster of a pod of orcas and across the room swung a large paper mobile of seven whales: grey, blue, minke and so on. … Continue reading

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ICEBERGS! REINDEER & GLACIERS! OH MY! Adventures in South East Iceland

Tonight the sun sets at 9:24pm. Tomorrow we get seven more minutes of daylight. After our ridiculously long dark winter, a shift to stretched out bright days means that everything has changed. Not only have the low grey clouds lifted … Continue reading

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Snow dusts the top of the great mountain and the wind howls something fierce. Air whistles and screams through the chimney as the gusts blow sheets of rain. Waves of water move sideways in the grey world outside. Grateful to … Continue reading

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BLUEBERRIES IN A LAVA FIELD: Early Impressions of Iceland

First I notice the earth—black boulders and small rough pebbles, volcanoes, a conical mountain, and the enormous expanse of tall, brown barren land that lays slumbering across the bay. In Iceland, the land rises and falls sharply, exposing tectonic plates, … Continue reading

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