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ENCHANTMENT: Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon

A balcony ripe with the smell of Eucalyptus overlooking those rolling, rose-colored hills in Ojai, California. The remote stretch of beach in Prince’s Town, Ghana where the dense jungle meets the surf of the Atlantic. There are a handful of … Continue reading

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In the middle of a conference call Wednesday morning, I remarked aloud that a storm had blown in and the wind grown incredibly fierce. A few minutes later, the line went dead. The Internet stopped working. Even my cell phone … Continue reading

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When I was a little girl we took a lot of family vacations. My parents were both teachers and they love to travel, so we took full advantage of our summers. Mostly, a family vacation meant piling in the car … Continue reading

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BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP: Lambing Season in Iceland

We entered the barn to the sound of hundreds of bleats. Small voices, loud moans, baa, bleat, baa, baa. Sheep were everywhere. Ewes with massive, swollen bellies. Tiny, newborn lambs. White. Black. Spotted. “Can you grab me a rope?” The … Continue reading

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When I was a girl, I slept with the whales—above my pillow hung an oversize photographic poster of a pod of orcas and across the room swung a large paper mobile of seven whales: grey, blue, minke and so on. … Continue reading

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ICEBERGS! REINDEER & GLACIERS! OH MY! Adventures in South East Iceland

Tonight the sun sets at 9:24pm. Tomorrow we get seven more minutes of daylight. After our ridiculously long dark winter, a shift to stretched out bright days means that everything has changed. Not only have the low grey clouds lifted … Continue reading

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Our house is whistling. It sounds like the wind will yank it up from the foundation and pitch it across the fjord. Someone told me that today the winds reached sixty miles an hour. After our very long winter, I … Continue reading

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WOOL, COTTON, and CASHMERE: Dabbling in Icelandic Fashion

Spotted on the streets of Reykjavik: *a tall blonde in a long black cape *a leggy lady in leather pants *a teen in hot pink tights with a short red, green, & blue striped dress *a mother in a black … Continue reading

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Puffed white seedlings float through Moscow’s hot summer streets, alighting on park benches, gathering on corners, or flitting through crowds, before a gust forces them onward. Often, the millions of ever-present puffs hang, suspended in mid-air as if they are … Continue reading

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“Both our children have scarlet fever,” I told my husband. As the sentence escaped, I too felt light-headed, as if a wind blew in beneath my feet and I were hovering a few inches above the Bukhara carpet in the … Continue reading

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